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Does Finland need critical race theory?

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Aminkeng A. Alemanji, a Cameroonian researcher who defended successfully in October 2016 his doctoral dissertation on anti-racism education, is the closest you will get to critical race theory in Finland.  Even if some link critical race theory to movements like BLM, it has been around for about 40 years. Critical race theory, like

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Argentina’s issues with whitewashing and genocide. Like the crimes committed during the dirty war, they too should be addressed.

When I was young, I remember very well the racism of the Argentines. A friend of mine from Rosario highlighted this racism in the following example: An porteño (a resident of the capital Buenos Aires) told his friends that he was going to travel to South America as if Buenos Aires was surrealistically still a part of Europe. 

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: White washing in Finland

If Finland had a very effective white washing* process in place from independence, who dismantled it or was it ever dismantled? I have my serious doubts. Blackfaces are still aired on Finnish television. The clip above was shown on Pressiklubi on October 6, 2017, and the full movie in 2016. In the 1970s, when it

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