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A feature about a PS white supremacist and how the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) normalizes racism and bigotry

Northern Finnish Kemi city councilperson Harri Tauriainen is a white supremacist that is head over heels about US President Donald Trump. In a sloppy human-interest story about Tauriainen, the state-run Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) makes no mention of councilperson’s racist and bigoted political views except him denying that he’s a racist and neo-Nazi sympathizer. 

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Kärkkäinen: A company that believes racism, anti-Semitism and homophobic views sit well with the Finnish consumer and public

We have to thank our vigilant contributor Ana María Gutiérrez-Sorainen for exposing another underhanded trick by Juha Kärkkäinen to slip through the back door his anti-cultural diversity, anti-Semitic and homophobic views in KauppaSuomi, a advertising newspaper to promote and showcase his company’s products.

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The Finnish city of Kemi gives us Harri Taurianen of the PS

Harri Taurianen, the new Perussuomalaiset (PS) city councilor of the northern Finnish city of Kemi,  is a good example of how the PS continues to attracts a generous number of people who are multiculturally challenged. Taurianen, who claims it’s good to uphold Finnish values and likes to spread far-right blah blah, imported his campaign slogans

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