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UPDATE: Minor asylum seeker at the Villa Meri reception center sent to hospital after getting pepper-sprayed by security guard

We continue to get worrisome news from the Villa Meri asylum reception center of Rauma. An asylum seeker at the center, who is a minor, was peppered sprayed on Friday and taken to the hospital. Why? Because he protested that his sister, who came from Helsinki to visit him, had to leave the center.

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UPDATE: How can a rape of an adolescent visitor happen at the Villa Meri asylum reception center?

Migrant Tales published Thursday a story about a list of complaints of the Villa Meri asylum reception center in Rauma, located 91 kilometers north of the southwestern city of Turku. The reception the story got was quite a surprise considering that present and former volunteers of Villa Meri accused me of racism, hating all asylum seekers, hating all reception center workers, and of having an agenda.

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