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MT MEDIA MONITORING: How politicians perpetuate urban tales about migrants (Uusi Suomi)

An interview by Uusi Suomi of National Coalition Party (Kokoomus) MP Atte Kaleva, who is part of Finland’s Islamophobic network, demonstrates a common flaw by the Finnish media that perpetuates urban tales and misconceptions spread by politicians about migrants. Kaleva claims that implementing a quota system for “foreign” students at schools in Finland would help

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Marshall Niles: Everyday racism can break a person’s heart

Migrant Tales insight: Our newest associate editor, Marhsall Niles, is very outspoken about migrant rights. We are happy that we have a person like Marshall on board since it makes sailing in Finland’s sometimes turbulent waters easier.  Marshall is a good example that one can make a difference with his example. What he wrote a

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