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Greek-Turkish border crisis: Shame on the EU, shame on Turkey, shame on us

THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Shame on Greece. Shame on Turkey. Shame on Europe. Shame on President Sauli Niinistö as thousands of migrants are massing at the Greek-Turkish border. The pictures that Europeans are witnessing the humanitarian crisis through their local media are scary. Yesterday, Monday, it was reported that a child aged 6 or 7

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A Kurdish activist in Sweden who faces deportation to Iran fears imprisonment and death

An Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) political activist in Sweden is under threat of being deported to Iran, where he believes he could be imprisoned and life would be under threat. Following the footsteps of many of his country, Agrin,* came to Sweden in 2015 and lives in Eskilstuna, located 112 kilomters west of Stockholm.

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Ali’s journey: Getting married in Turkey and the long wait. Will he get a visa to Finland?

On 10.10.2018, Ali,* 22, and his Finnish wife, 19, spent one of the most memorable days of their lives when they got married in Ankara. Present at the ceremony were two witnesses, the wife’s sister and a friend of Ali’s. Marriages in Turkey take place at the Turkish Marriage Offices.   “Everything went smoothly and rapidly,” said

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