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Facebook: The “True Finn” versus the Saami woman

Migrant Tales insight: What is this party that steals and hogs Finnish identity for itself and decides who is or isn’t a “true Finn?” They are called the Perussuomalaiset in Finnish, which means something like “basic” or “fundamental” Finn. After calling themselves True Finns in English they went for it all by calling themselves “the

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Perussuomalaiset: True, Basic or Elementary Finns?

I called the Perussuomalaiset’s party today in Helsinki and asked them what their official name in English was: “True Finns is the official adopted name,” a male voice said. Migrant Tales’ oldest bloggers, Jonas, has mentioned a number of times the contradiction between the Finnish and English translation of the word perus. I apologize to Jonas for not debating more thoroughly the translation.

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True Finns: The first and last act of a tragic-comic play

Even if Finland has changed politically after Sunday’s election, there has been a greater about-turn among some True Finns. One particular group that from the anti-immigration Nuiva manifesto group now attempt to appear like respectable elected MPs conveniently brushing under the rug those terrible things they said about immigrants.

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