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Switzerland restricts the movement of asylum seekers in the town of Bremgarten

The Swiss town of Bremgarten, located about 16km from Zurich, has banned asylum seekers from swimming pools, sports facilities and other sites, according to Spiegel Online International. The agreement, which has been criticized by human rights groups, was made by the Swiss Office of Migration (BfM) and the town.   Read original story here. It’s

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Full assimilation in Bread and Chocolate

This is one of my favorite movies called Bread and Chocolate/Pane e cioccolata (1973) starring Nino Manfredi, who is an Italian immigrant that is trying to integrate at all costs into Swiss society. He even dies his hair in order to fit in as a Swiss. Then there is a football match in a bar between England and Italy. The Swiss clients are watching the game as is Manfredi. Everything seems to be going well until Italy scores a goal…

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