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PS candidate shows video of “lazy” migrant but does not know how many of them live in Finland

Jari Ronkainen is a candidate from the town of Hollola near Lahti in the April parliamentary elections. Should it surprise us that he his a member of the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* party? In a campaign video he divides migrants in two groups: those that integrate and those that don’t. Migrant Tales got in touch with the candidate by phone. Are you

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Time warp Fazer of Finland: Stereotyping Mediterranean “gigolos” to sell salt licorice

I was surprised to see Fazer, a Finnish foodservice company, advertising salt licorice on television with the help of a 1980s stereotype of a Southern European gigolo  who speaks Finnish with a me-Tarzan-you-Jane accent.  Migrant Tales sent an email to Fazer Monday morning about the ad but never got a reply. I did, however, get in touch

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