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The story behind “Finland is a racist country” is in the comments

There were quite strong reactions among some Finns and immigrants to Maryan Abdulkarim’s interview on Helsingin Sanomat. Those who strongly objected to the article, appear to want to deny Abdulkarim’s right to express herself on a touchy subject like racism.  It’s ironic, but those who want to deny Abdulkarim her right to speak out are

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Meet the Somalis – the illustrated stories of Somalis in seven cities in Europe

The Open Society Foundations have recently published a fascinating set of seven illustrated stories, called ‘meet the Somalis‘, covering the experiences of Somalis living in cities across Europe. On November 21, this will coincide with the publishing of the Foundations’ research report “Somalis in Helsinki”. To quote the Foundation’s website: “The Somali community in Europe

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Abdisalam Mohamed Abdulah: Returning to Finland’s Black February

Remember Dark February? In about three weeks we read about the deaths of three Muslims , a suicide and a Perussuomalaiset (PS) councilman who offered to decorate a white Finn for killing in cold blood one of these victims? Migrant Tales had the opportunity to meet Monday the father and a family friend of one of the victims, Abdisalam Mohamed Abdulahi.

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