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Healthy advice: Don’t flirt with racism, include don’t exclude, involve and we’ll learn to live together

One of the matters one learns after answering thousands of comments on Migrant Tales and posting near daily on this humble site is the language and arguments used by anti-immigration groups, which are openly against a Finland that is international, multicultural and open.  By multicultural I mean treating everyone in this country, irrespective of their background, with

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Finland’s future recipe for success is based on social equality, mutual acceptance, respect and equal opportunities

Why would any political party seriously care about immigrants and their children if these newcomers form part of a fragmented group that has little political and economic power? Should they be concerned about high unemployment and ever-growing social inequality among such groups in Finland?  Our success story as a society was never based on social

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CEO Whalroos claims the social welfare system marginalizes Finns

Björn Wahlroos, chairman of the board of banks Sampo Group, Nordea and forest group UPM-Kymnmene, was quoted on Sunday’s Helsingin Sanomat as stating that the present social welfare state system is the main culprit for marginalizing Finns. He said that outgoing President Tarja Halonen had put a dent in the credibility of the executive branch by polarizing Finnish society.

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