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Perussuomalaiset support heads south

There was good news if you are against us-and-them rhetoric, Islamophobia, and support for US President Donald Trump’s policies and persona. A poll published Thursday by Yle showed that the southward direction of the Perussuomalaiaset (PS)* party continued to head south. Compared with a similar poll on December 9, 2019-January 8, 2020, support for the

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Abdirahim Husu Hussein: One matter is the racist attacks but far worse is the indiffernce of the SDP and other political parties

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) THIS STORY WAS UPDATED Setting aside the racist attacks and harassment that Social Democratic (SDP) Helsinki city Councilperson Abdirahim Husu Hussein received due to a tweet, why are members of his party

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نماینده پارلمانی که بر علیه رای قبلی خود شد.

نفیسه رزمیار در برابر رای گذشته اش ایستاد. کسی میتواند توضیح دهد که، چطور یک سیاستمدار و عضو پارلمانی که خودش در سال گذشته رای مثبت به اخراج اجباری پناهجویان داده است؛ میتواند در مقابل رای خود صحبت کند؟ نفسیه رزمیار، خود مسوول بخشی از اخراج اجباری انجام شده در روز دوشنبه میباشد. همچنین سال

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