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Anonymous: Do not be silent!

When you are silent, everyone does whatever they want, and you have encouraged them with your silence. Do not be silent, if someone is oppressed in your presence and you are silent, you have helped the oppressor, you have supported him with your silence. Do not be silent, speak, you distinguish good from bad, you

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We are all responsible in Finland for feeding the ogre of racism and hate speech

Those groups that are responsible for the rise of populism, racism and hate speech in Finland aren’t those that promote it but by those who stand by with their silence. They are the ones Martin Luther King Jr referred to as “the good people,” or “the silence of the good people is more dangerous than the brutality of the bad people.”

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Migrant Tales Literary: Helloless culture

By Dana Hello!
 Well yes, hello! Hello! Let me tell you about a helloless culture.
 What is wrong with greeting people anyway?
 In Finland saying hello seems very difficult. 
It looks like they’re afraid to say hello even if u told them hello over and over again…and i’m wondering how many times i have to take

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