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Six-year fruitless search for a Muslim burial ground in Finland

The Finnish Islamic Council has been searching without success since 2008 for a burial ground in the southern Finnish region of Uusimaa, according to YLE in English. Up to know, Muslims are buried in the “Muslim section” of Lutheran Church cemeteries. Pia Jardi, deputy chair of the Finnish Islamic Council, told Migrant Tales that a questionnaire

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Norwegian armed forces show cultural sensitivity

Since July 1, the Norweaign armed forces have relaxed rules for religious headgear, writes the Local, quoting daily Stavanger Afterbladed. It is now possible for Sikh soldiers to use turbans as well as for Jews to use skull-caps while serving in the Norwegian armed forces. Muslim women are permitted to wear a hijab with their

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Migrant Tales Literary: A letter to Jesus عیسا سلام

By Dana عیسا سلام ای نرگس زیبای من، عیسی سلام طاير تقدیربی همتای من، عیسی سلام ارغوا ن بنشسته بر اورنگ، شاه مهربان آفتاب لایزال، کشتی و کشتیبان من، عیسی سلام یاسمین، حاذق به هر درد و فغان، شاه زمان شاهراه جاودان، درمانگر و درمان من،عیسی سلام رازقی، خّرم ز رویت هم زمین و آسمان،

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