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Reija Härkonen: Kansanedustaja levittää väärää tietoa

MT comment: Anti-immigration and anti-EU Perussuomalaiset party MP Reijo Tossavainen claims in a blog entry that refugees get more financial help in Finland than anywhere else in Europe. Tossavainen cites a Tampere-based daily Aamulehti article from 2009, which is simply wrong.  Distorting the facts to make a xenophobic and racist point is nothing new in Finland

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What happens when you dilute a term like racism?

Ignorance is a crucial factor that still holds Finland back from tackling effectively a social ill like racism. If it’s not seen as an issue, very little will be done to challenge it.  Add to the latter the fact that even some of our elected representatives in parliament don’t know the difference between racism and

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