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QUOTE OF THE DAY: The victim of rape and racism

“What similarities are there between the victim of rape and racism? Deniers of rape blame the woman for causing the man to rape her. Deniers of racism blame the victim for causing the man or woman to insult him or her. Racism feels like being raped. Racism and rape are chronic social ills. Arguments used

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Is Aamulehti’s claim of high rape convictions by foreigners in Finland correct?

Thirty-four percent of convicted rape crimes committed during 2006-09 in Finland were by foreigners, according to Tampere-based Aamulehti. What is surprising, however, is that Aamulehti chose not to mention 2009 and 2010 suspected rape crimes, which totaled 141 (27.5% of all rape cases) and 109 (26%) in 2010 and 2011, respectively, according to Hannu Niemi of the Justice Ministry.

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