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RoPS coach Juha Malinen gets snubbed by the Football Association of Finland for inappropriate tweet

The head coach of Rovaniemen Pallo Seura (RoPS), Juha Malinen, has stuck his foot in his mouth again. Contrary to the first time in April, when he announced that he had the most “Finnish team” in the country according to the surnames of the players, he is now embroiled in another scandal.  The Football Association

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Racism, children and football in Finland

If you want to find a short cut into racism in Finland, read the anonymous comments after a news story on the topic. One such story, published Monday by Turku-based daily Turun Sanomat, is a perfect example. The news story is about a group of 10-11-year-old boys who were returning by ship to the mainland

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Finnish football coach Juha Malinen: RoPS has “the most Finnish team” in the national league

The head coach of Rovaniemen Pallo Seura (RoPS), Juha Malinen, claims to have put together the “most Finnish” team in the Finnish national football league. Did Malinen mean that he now coaches the most “white Finnish” team? It sure sounds that way.  “A few years ago RoPS had thirteen black men [players],” he was quoted

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