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Police University College of Finland: Hate crimes retreat by 13.7% in 2016

The amount of suspected hate crimes in Finland retorted to the police in 2016 was 1,075, down 13.7% from 1,250 cases, according to the Police University College of Finland and the ministry of interior’s police department. Despite the fall in suspected hate crime cases, the police said that in spite of the fall suspected hate crime reported to the police have not fallen to pre-2015 levels. 

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Police study on immigration paints a threatening and bleak picture of Finland’s ever-growing culturally diverse society

Weird things happen when an anti-immigration party like the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* get power and partner with two other mainstream parties, the Center Party and National Coalition Party (NCP), which have done too little to tackle racism and discrimination in Finland. One of the many things that can happen is a study, “Immigration, Security and Foresight,” published with the blessings of the council of state.

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