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A letter from Rashid H., the Pakistani migrant who was brutally attacked by three white Finnish youths. Where is justice?

Dear friend,

Even if the district court and court of appeal did not accept what happened to me was a hate crime, I feel today desperate and abandoned. When I was in the hospital with 30 stab wounds, fractured skull and other life-threatening injuries caused by three white Finnish youths, I felt forsaken. Not one person from the government or any newspaper cared to contact me.

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Three white Finnish youths that brutally attacked a Pakistani migrant sentenced to 9 years and 6 months in prison

A Vantaa court sentenced three white Finnish youths who brutally attacked a Pakistani migrant in February to a prison term of nine years and six months, according to victim’s family.  The brutal nature of the attack is so horrible that we cannot publish a list of the wounds that the Pakistani sustained. The victim was stabbed

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From Black February 2012 to the brutal attack of a Pakistani migrant in 2018 – are these hate crimes?

Is it a coincidence that Black February, which took place in 2012 and involved the violent deaths of three members of the Muslim community of Finland, happened on the same month when a Pakistani was brutally attacked by three white Finns in Vantaa? While the timing may have happened by chance, there are similarities between what happened in February 2012 and on February 23. 

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