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A Kurdish activist in Sweden who faces deportation to Iran fears imprisonment and death

An Iranian Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) political activist in Sweden is under threat of being deported to Iran, where he believes he could be imprisoned and life would be under threat. Following the footsteps of many of his country, Agrin,* came to Sweden in 2015 and lives in Eskilstuna, located 112 kilomters west of Stockholm.

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The PS, like the Confederate flag, is a symbol of racism and hatred for most migrants in Finland

In states like South Carolina, where Dylann Roof mass murdered nine people on June 18 at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, there is an ongoing debate about taking down the Confederate flag from senate house grounds. Instead of starting a race war which Roof wanted to ignite, his killings awoke us to the oppression and suffering that the Confederate flag continues to represent.

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Camilla Edström Ödemark’s White Voids art exhibition to open in Helsinki on April 2

Migrant Tales will publish a feature on Camilla Edström Ödemark’s and her White Voids art exhibition which will open on April 2 at the Third Space Gallery, Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, Helsinki.  Camilla writes:  In order to suppress you need to mask yourself as a true underdog. It must be your rights that are threatened, your words

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