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Statement Islamic Society of Northern Finland: Leadership is needed

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم POHJOIS – SUOMEN ISLAMILAINEN YHDYSKUNTA ISLAMIC SOCEITY OF NORTHERN FINLAND الرابطة الإسلامية لشمال فنلندا            We on behalf of Islamic Society of Northern Finland would like to state the following with reference to the atrocities and masacar happened in New Zealand. Atrocities such as what happened in New Zealand Friday

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Once again politicians and the media show no leadership about the terrorist attack in New Zealand

The atrocity we witnessed through the media of the cold-blooded and calculated killings that left so far 49 dead and many wounded in New Zealand were not mentioned once by some ministers on Facebook. These ministers are the ones who have fueled and nurtured Finland’s hostile environment against Muslims and migrants. Moreover, how many editorials were written in the Finnish media about what happened and how it is a warning to us too? 

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