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Finland’s Perussuomalaiset party says that the use of the Nazi flag in public should not be criminalized

THE STORY WAS UPDATED Only the Perussuomalaiset (PS)* and Ano Turtiainen’s one-man party expressed opposition to criminalizing the use of the Nazi flag in public. The story by Yle was published a day after the Helsinki District Court dismissed ethnic agitation charges agitation against five men of carrying a swastika flag in public on Independence Day 2018. PS parliamentary group

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Soldiers of Odin before and after

On one of my nightly walks on Tuukalankatu in Mikkeli, I see a Soldiers of Odin sticker on a lampost. Since these types of groups are toxic and hazardous to society, I scrape off the sticker. Now you see it, but now you don’t.

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Good synonyms for “racism-free zone” are hypocrisy, approval of institutional racism, let’s play hide racism and go seek with denial

THE STORY WAS UPDATED Today is a politically charged day In Turku, where neo-Nazis, other far-right members like the Perussuomalaiset (PS) will join hands to remember the second anniversary of the Turku stabbings when a then eighteen-year-old Moroccan went on the rampage killing two and wounding eight. One of our writers, Reija Härkönen, will give

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