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The police should investigate MV for labeling people “terrorists” and publishing their pictures

MV-lehti is a racist trash publication that doesn’t care to put people in harm’s way by labeling them as “terrorists” as did happen in Migrant Tales believes that one of the many defamation cases and crimes investigated by the police involving MV should involve an Iraqi asylum seeker called Jihad Baghdadi. Baghdadi’s picture was published in MV-lehti

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The flimsy bridge that bonds MV-lehti and Soldiers of Odin is racist hatred

MV is a racist trash “publication” that that steals stories and rewrites them to fit its racist world. Its “editor”, Ilja Janitski, who else but a fugitive from the law. One of the crimes that MV commits over again is that it defames people and exposes them to hate-vigilante groups like the Soldiers of Odin. In other words, MV incites racism and ethnic agitation.

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