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Kotoutuminen #3: To touch or not to touch

Many times I wonder where people who work and assist asylum seekers and migrants get their cultural training. If you are a teacher, is it stated, for example, in the national curriculum, how cultural diversity is supposed to work in the classroom? If you are a social worker, how do you promote two-way adaption? These

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Red Herring tales (Part 2): City of Vaasa bans the burkini

As expected, the Vaasa city leisure committee voted unanimously on Wednesday to prohibit the use of burkinis. The committee claims that the swimming outfit, consisting of a head scarf, tunic and trousers designed for Muslim women, is a dangerous to the swimmer and unhygienic. It’s unclear from the rules if Muslims are required to go to the sauna naked.

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Espoo-Leppävaara young man sentenced six years for manslaughter

An Espoo District Court sentenced Monday an eighteen-year-old man for six years in jail for the manslaughter of Abdisalam Mohamed Abulah, 18.  The father of the victim, Mursal Abdulah, told Migrant Tales that he will appeal the decision.  Abdulah is one of three victims who lost his life in a span of about three weeks in January-February.

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