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MTV3: Maahanmuuttajat sopeutuneet Suomeen Britanniaa paremmin: “Vihaa vähemmän”

Jouni Sipilä

Britanniassa hallitus on huolestunut muslimimaista tulevien maahanmuuttajien radikalisoitumisesta. Toisen ja kolmannen polven maahanmuuttajat ovat omaksuneet vanhempiaan konservatiivisempia uskonnollisia näkemyksiä. Britanniassa radikalisoituminen on eräiden tutkimusten mukaan ollut nopeinta Euroopassa. Meillä Suomessa tämäntyyppistä kehitystä ei ole havaittu. Asiantuntijoiden mielestä maahanmuuttajat ovat sopeutuneet meille huomattavasti Britanniaa paremmin.

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Muslims are not the real enemy to European democracy

It is quite significant when EU heavyweights such as France and Germany start using anti-immigration sound bites. Recent statements by German Chancellor Angela Merkel are a good example of the disturbing trend, when she stated that multiculturalism has “utterly failed” in Germany.

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Raseborg: To headscarf or not?

I was very surprised to read that the educational board of Raseborg, a town located in southwest Finland, had retracted apparently grudingly from a decision to ban headscares at school. The Raseborg school district is the only one in the country that had in force such restrictions.

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A Muslim for president of the United States

Whenever a country because of war is gripped by hysteria, we should always be careful about jumping on bandwagons that fuel hatred for other faiths and people. Real leadership, like being a good parent, does not always mean saying yes or agreeing with everything. Sometimes you have to make difficult decisions because you consider it

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