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MP Veikko Vallin and the Islamophobic PS pull another “fast one” on the media

Perussuomalaiset MP Veikko Vallin tweeted an apology for the “mistake” of publishing pictures of children and workers at a nursery school. Even if he is sorry, he stated that his “critical opinion” of women using a chador at nursery schools has not changed. Vallin’s action of taking pictures of children and workers at a nursing

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Shame on the Finnish media for stereotyping Muslim women. It’s called biased and racist journalism.

Why are Muslims, especially women, usually pictured covering their faces? Do these types of images in the media reinforce our stereotypes about Muslim women? Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s leading daily, is one representative of the media that reinforces stereotypes about Muslim women. While the article is important because it talks about forced marriages, why can’t it

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Muslim woman wasn’t admitted to the Finnish police training school because she would refuse to take off her headscarf

A Muslim woman, 38, was not admitted to the police training school because she would not take off her headscarf during working hours, reports YLE in English. The woman was so disappointed with the rejection that she even contemplated leaving Finland.   Read full story here. “In the [police] interviewer’s opinion it was not possible

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