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Koko Hubara: The brave woman who founded the brown girl’s blog

Koko Hubara is a young energetic woman who founded a few weeks ago on Valentine’s Day a blog called Ruskeat Tytöt, or brown girls. The interest that her blog has received in such a short time surprised her. Why would anyone be interested in a blog about Other Finns? Is it because there are already so

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Joseph: What being Finnish means to me (Part II)

This is part II of Joseph’s blog entry, What being Finnish means to me.  Click here to see part I. By Joseph* …Later on I discovered rap music to deal with my feelings. There were just so many things wrong in this society that I saw all the Somalis and other foreigners not integrating well

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Helsingin Sanomat: Kaksi kertaa muita rikkaampi

Asun alueella, joka on tunnettu värikkäästä kansallisuuksien kirjosta. Yhdessä kerrostalorapussa voi asua koko maailma. Vieri vieressä ruskeiden ovien postiluukkujen takana elävät harmoniassa Virtaset, Smithit, Nguyenit, Hosseinit ja Rodriguezit.

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