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The PS playbook of how to spread racism, disinformation and fake news

Perussuomalaiset (PS)* first vice president and MP, Riikka Purra, is at it again. During the postal strike, she misled people by stating that 98% of early morning mail carriers were migrants. Early morning mail carriers are a small part of the postal company’s services. According to Posti, 80% of postal workers in Finland and 70%

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Twitter: UNICEF criticizes Finland over the detention of asylum-seeker children

UNICEF rebukes Finland over its treatment of asylum-seeking minors, according to YLE News. Human rights activists like Zuzeeko Tegha Abeng have lobbied Finland to stop detaining children in 2013. He wrote: “According to Amnesty International, children should be in day care centres, schools or skateparks – not in police detention. Finland detains thousands of people

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Finland: White teenage girls attack physically a 10-year-old and name him “n-word” and “rapist”

Isn’t it surprising how our country, where racism is supposed to be an insignificant problem, is making headlines and encouraging Finns to challenge this social ill. The latest scandal comes from a playground in Helsinki, where a ten-year-old black boy was harassed in a racist manner by teenage girls, who kicked him and called him n-word and rapist, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

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