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New York Times: Hillary Clinton should blame European racism, not migrants for the rise of populism

Hillary Clinton says that migration is the main reason for feeding European populism. Migrant Tales disagrees. Europe is such a racist region plagued by its colonial and post-colonial history that was and still has its hands drenched in genocide and exploitation. Don’t blame the migrants, Clinton. Blame European racism for the rise in populism.  

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Migration Summer School 26/7/2018 – 1/8/2018 in Athens, Greece

Migrant Tales received the following mail from Dr. Theodoros Fouskas.  Check it out. 2018 MIGRATION SUMMER SCHOOL (MIGSS) on Precarious Labour, Human Trafficking, & Social Exclusion in Europe A unique summer program with on-site visits in Greece 26 July- 1 August 2018 EPLO premises in Sounion Α 7-day program in English will offer a state-of-the-art overview of

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To Finland from a Pakistani family: A second letter about hate crime*

Migrant Tales (MT) insight: In mid-March, MT published a letter from a Pakistani family. The victim, the father of the family, was brutally attacked on February 23 by three white Finnish youths. The victim and his wife believe that what happened was a hate crime. The police disagree. According to the wife, the following day after the Pakistani migrant was attacked, the police called the wife and stated that it was not a hate crime because “the suspects were intoxicated.” 

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