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Migrant Tales turns 7 years today

I’m very proud of the work that Migrant Tales has done to be a voice of those whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public. We strongly believe that words can move mountains and taking into account the intolerance and xenophobia that has lifted its head in Finland

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You, Migrant Tales and 2014

The Migrant Tales team wants to take the opportunity to thank all of our readers and supporters.  This beautiful drawing was by Luis Blanchard in Argentina. We look forward to another good year in our struggle to promote in Finland a culturally diverse society that is united by mutual acceptance, respect and equal opportunities. Migrant

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Migrant Tales’ Christmas wish list

Today, on Christmas Day, Migrant Tales wishes the following: A Finland with no racism A Finland where intolerance is shameful A Finland with no hate A Finland that encourages mutual acceptance …mutual respect and equal opportunities for all A Finland that is inclusive A Finland that finds its strength through solidarity, not fear Peace   Source:

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