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Defining white Finnish privilege #27: White versus Other media

On occasions Migrant Tales, the Other media, does investigative journalism. When we do such type of investigative reporting it’s because there is a big story that needs to be told. One of these big stories that we scooped was on Luona, a private company that treats asylum seekers badly and makes money off them.

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UPDATE (December 1): Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism

Migrant Tales’ 2015 Hall of Poor and Sloppy Journalism will be updated separately. To see other examples of opinionated journalism in Finland about cultural diversity, please go to this link. December 1 Two rape stories weighed differently – (Helsingin Sanomat)* What’s wrong with these two stories? Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s largest daily, published two rape stories Tuesday.

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