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Migrant Tales (April 14, 2015): My identity is mine, not yours, so stop labeling me according to your prejudices

Why do some public services like the police even some migrants believe they have the right to define who are? The police do it constantly. Every time they label a person or group as a person with “foreign” or “migrant” background they are effectively relegating that person publicly to second- or third-class status in society.

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Do “mamu” an “maahanmuuttajataustainen” downgrade people in Finland into “us” and “them?”

There are two words I’d be very careful with in Finland: mamu and maahanmuuttajataustainen especially at schools to single out third-culture children. The first label is the shortened word for maahanmuuttaja, or immigrant, while the second one means person with immigrant background.  Migrant Tales has written previously about the use of mamu like this blog entry above. Both

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