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Defining white Finnish privilege #2: Third culture children versus “pupil with immigrant background”

In many respects white privilege, or specifically white Finnish privilege, is a good way to understand some of the challenges that migrants and especially non-white Finns face in this country. Migrant Tales invites its readers to share their thoughts on the social ill. Please send your comments on the topic to [email protected] We’d love to hear from

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Cost-cutting measures in education will hit migrant and visible minority students especially hard in Finland

Whenever there are cost-cutting measures that target education or social welfare, you know who’s going to get hit the hardest. Some obvious groups include the socially marginalized, unemployed, some migrants and visible minorities.  Trade Union of Education in Finland (OAJ) president Olli Luukkainen was quoted as saying on tabloid Iltalehti Monday that budget cuts on education have fueled

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Ombudsman for Minorities responds to Migrant Tales’ queries concerning phone operators and insurance companies

Migrant Tales spoke recently to the office of the Ombudsman for Minorities about two cases by Finland’s mobile phone operators and insurance companies. We asked as well if using the term students with immigrant backgrounds, or maahanmuuttajataustainen, at elementary and middle schools was discriminatory.  The term maahanmuuttajataustainen appears to be so common in some Mikkeli schools that

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