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Kati van der Hoeven-Lepistö: Peace and harmony

“Isn’t this world magnificent and so incredibly beautiful?” What a wonderful and perfectly balanced planet that can maintain an unimaginable variety of all kinds and sorts of lives. Just think about this, all this has been made with no human intelligence. In fact, the planet gives life a chance to exist.

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Migrant Tales Literary: Mother and daughter دختر و مادر

   Mother and daughter دختر و مادر By Dana شب و روز منی ای مادر من                                       خیالم فکر من اندیشه تن Ur my night and day oh mother mine         My imagination, mind, thought and spirit همه هوش و حواسم فکر و ذکرم                               دعا تک خواهشم بوی بهشتم All intelligence, my attention, thought and mention           Prayer,

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