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Finnish Immigration Service terrorizes immigrants (Part I)

By Dana The Finnish Immigration Service (FIS) strikes terror in immigrants like me. I’ve lived for three years in uncertainty not knowing if I’d ever be reunited with my family. My mother died in May and my father in July. I hadn’t seen my beloved parents for seven years. I never thought that the last time

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Dana: Woes for you killers who kill without a knife

By Dana Why should I personally challenge Finland’s disgraceful family reunification obstacles? I won’t. Why should I? For whom? For other foreigners? But some abuse the laws. Not only some foreigners but some Finns too. I paid, as a result, a high price for their ways. Some foreigners live here for years, or maybe they

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Enough is enough! I’ve had it with you Finns!

By Dana Yesterday was a dark black day but a blessed one even if it brought so much sadness. A racist couldn’t kill who I am and yet again, like so many times before in my life, God helped me to overcome a very difficult situation. For you racists out there, and those who support

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