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A disfavor to Finland’s future

With the April 2011 election approaching, parties in Finland are feverishly searching for ways to lure voters. One campaign issue that has the ability to move voters and inflame passions are immigrants and immigration to Finland. I personally feel that Finns are not going to be led by rhetoric and false arguments.

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A-Talk: What is wrong with the Social Democrats?

At least for me, the debate on immigration on A-Talk on Thursday was a disappointment. The only sensible persons on the show were Anni Sinnemäki of the Greens and Jyrki Katainen of Kokoomus. The two opposition leaders, Jutta Urpilainen of the Social Democrats (SDP) and Timo Soini of the True Finns were a disappointment filling the airways with hollow catchwords that reeked of populism, protectionism and heavy doses of obnoxious nationalism.

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