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Journalism and Blog Writing for Immigrants and Finns (March 2012)

Journalism and Blog Writing for Immigrants and Finns is a course designed for those who have an interest in journalism/blog writing and who speak English as a second language. The course offers the participant an opportunity to learn reporting and interviewing techniques as well as writing news stories, editorials, and columns. Another important part of the course is to study the role journalism plays in guaranteeing civil liberties such as freedom of expression and furthering acceptance of minorities such as immigrants.

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Ten points for journalists when writing on immigrants and refugees

Ten good points to keep for journalists to keep in mind when writing about immigrants and refugees:

1. Study as much as you can the group you are going to write on. Reading up means getting in touch with people from that community and spending time with them. You would be surprised by how many new angles emerge. Being as objective as possible when writing a story on immigrants means throwing away or keeping at bay your suspicions and prejudice. In short it means for you to take that group’s views as well.

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