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Yle in English asks: Have you come up against unfair hiring practices in Finland?

Thanks to Dr. Gareth Rice’s courageous example that exposed unfair hiring practices at the university, some long-overdue attention is now being paid to a much wider problem that migrants face in this country. YLE in English asks its readers to share their views on the issue.  On Wednesday at 7:12pm, the Yle in English story had 130 comments! It’s

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Challenging prejudices against migrants in Finland should be a priority. But who’s doing this?

Dr. Gareth Rice’s  claim that foreign academics are being bypassed for permanent tenures in favor of Finnish academics raises a wider issue that migrants and minorities face in Finland. Finding a job is one matter for an immigrant in this country but being hired on a permanent basis is quite another story. One may ask

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European Network Against Racism report highlights Finland’s racism and discrimination challenges

Shadow reports on racism in Europe by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) reveals something we’ve not known and written about on Migrant Tales for a long time. Apart from racism and discrimination happening in employment, the question behind the question is why is this still an issue? Why are governments still doing too little?

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