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Matias Turkkila reveals how Finnish racism became acceptable thanks to Hommaforum and the PS

Matias Turkkila, the editor of the Perussuomalinen newspaper and founding member of Hommaforum, reinforced on Friday’s A-studio: Stream talk show on hate speech what we always knew: some Finns have serious problems in tolerating others who are different from them. The whole debate surrounding hate speech, freedom of expression and what these two matters are becomes clouded

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Finnish parliamentary committee votes 9-8 against gay marriage

A draft law to legalize gay marriage in Finland has been defeated by a vote of 9-8 by the legal committee of parliament, reports Uusi Suomi, citing Tweets by Green Party MP Jani Toivola and Aino-Kaisa Pekonen of the Left Alliance.  Green MP Jani Toivola tweeted that he was “disappointed” by the gay marriage vote today. The members

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