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A picture that refuses to die and reveals Finland’s inhumane asylum policy where children are locked up in detention centers

The picture of the girl in Joutseno’s immigration removal center was taken by a detained Iraqi family in 2017. If there is a picture that represents the injustice of Finland’s heartless immigration “service” authorities, it is this picture of the girl gazing at her future from a barred window with barb wire. You can check

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I am Ali: The waiting

Migrant Tales insight: Katie Bell wrote us an email a while back and asked if she could publish a story about an Iraqi asylum seeker called Ali, who spoke on condition of anonymity. She writes in an email: “After interviewing him for more details and exactly what he wants to tell, I will compose a

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Asylum seeker in detention cell 208: “I’ll be released again – I hope I’ll never have to see this place again”

A supreme administrative court order today stopped Monday’s deportation of an Iraqi asylum seeker in detention cell 208 (detained last year in cell 406). It was in November when the twenty-one-year-old asylum seeker, after being held for 32 days, was released under the same circumstances.  At  4:30 pm sharp a guard at the Joutseno* immigration

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