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Finland’s immigration policy must look beyond Europe

One of the biggest challenges facing Finland in the next few decades will be defining what role immigrants will play in our society. Anti-immigration groups like the True Finns would like to place immigrants under a magnifying glass (see Nuiva campaign document) while other parties have taken more lukewarm stances.

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Why integration does not work effectively in Finland

One of the most important matters for immigrants and their children is to find a place in society. This can be done through work (opportunity) and most importantly by acceptance. In the same way, some immigrants that move to Finland have to adjust to a whole new type of society based on cultural diversity.

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YLE: Närpes Becomes Magnet for Immigrants

The western town of Närpes in Ostrobothnia has become a model for the successful integration of immigrants, reports YLE. Home to more than 30 nationalities, today one in ten inhabitants of this small town have foreign roots.

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