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Migrants’ Rights Network – Windrush: Where next in whirlwind of national chaos?

By Rita Chahda We all thought Windrush was a moment in British immigration history that would not be forgotten. In the last weeks we have seen its legacy degraded by heartless immigration bureaucracy, with many people’s agony prolonged – for years, as we know – by the usual ministerial evasion of awkward questions. Read the original

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Exposing white Finnish privilege #51: The police are the defenders of white power and privilege

Ask Finland’s Romany minority If you want to understand how the Finnish police service reinforces and defends white power and privilege. I did this recently, and the answers did not surprise me.  According to a member of the Roma community, the Finnish police play down discrimination, especially if it involves a member of that minority

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A matter of perspective and the real issue in the Finnish immigration debate

Perspective is one reason why Migrant Tales has grown especially after the April 17 election and become a home for a large and ever-growing number of bloggers. We have, in my opinion, become for some that sincere critical “voice for those whose views and situation are understood poorly and heard faintly by the media, politicians and public.”

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