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KOTOUTUMINEN #15: Finland only promotes gender equality

An interesting video posted by a CaroxElMundo, who tells us in Spanish about her experiences about Finland, makes a very good observation: Finland promotes gender equality, but all other types of equality take a back seat. She makes a valid point. Finland has made a lot of progress in gender rights. There are still many

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: Teaching integration or institutional racism?

Finland puts a lot of effort into its integration program. Earlier this year, with the sexual assault cases in Oulu, we saw the then government of Prime Minister Juha Sipilä blame asylum seekers for not integrating and that our integration problem was a failure. All of these accusations had one matter in mind for then

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Police officer fined and charged to pay 5,140 euros for making racist statements and slapping a women twice on the face

A Finnish police officer in Turku was fined to pay 5,140 euros in charges and lawyers fees, according to tabloid Ilta-Sanomat. The police officer, who admitted being too drunk to remember what he said and did at a taxi line, called a woman who attempted to calm the man a “refugee-loving whore” and slapped her twice on the face.  

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