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Some asylum seekers in Finland live in crowded rooms and in dreadful conditions

Below are two picture and a short note from an asylum seeker called Adam who came to Finland in 2012. During his long and painful sojourn in this country, being locked up for a year at the Joutseno immigration removal center to being an undocumented migrant, Adam is now staying at an asylum reception center in the Greater Helsinki area.   

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Argentina’s issues with whitewashing and genocide. Like the crimes committed during the dirty war, they too should be addressed.

When I was young, I remember very well the racism of the Argentines. A friend of mine from Rosario highlighted this racism in the following example: An porteño (a resident of the capital Buenos Aires) told his friends that he was going to travel to South America as if Buenos Aires was surrealistically still a part of Europe. 

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Progressive thinktank sets out reasons why immigration is needed to create “the Good Society”

Compass, a thinktank that describes itself as “building a Good Society; one that is much more equal, sustainable and democratic than the society we are living in now” has published a ‘thinkpiece’ which sets out arguments why a positive attitude to immigration has to be a part of this process.

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