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Facebook Daniel Malpica: Unjustified trouble with the Finnish Immigration Service

Migrant Tales insight: Daniel Malpica is an artist who, like many, has been wronged by the Finnish Immigration “Service.” Malpica is an old friend of this blog. Below are some of his earlier writings: Daniel Malpica: Tottelemattomuus. On the Finnish Immigration Policy (14.9.2019) Milliklubi night club makes the headlines and for all the wrong reasons.

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Moroccan with a serious heart condition: “Thank you for your support,” says his brother

After Migrant Tales broke the story of Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) asked a divorced Moroccan to leave Finland with a heart condition. Youssef Hemdani’s case has received a lot of support from Morocco and Finland. “Thank you for your support,” said his brother, Laghdof Hemdari. Apart from getting a lot of attention on social media,

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