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Institute of Race Relations: One nation – but whose?

Frances Webber The first of a post-election three-part series on civil liberties in the UK examines the government’s proposal to replace the Human Rights Act by a British Bill of Rights. Prime minister David Cameron was quick to don the mantle of ‘One Nation Toryism’ after his party’s election victory. But the Tories’ priorities set

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Helsingin Sanomat’s Cold War policy towards immigrants

Immigrants, expats and Finns marched on October 19, 1982 to demand their rights. The march started from Helsinki University’s Porthania building to Parliament. One of the comments that caught my attention on that chilly Tuesday, was that Helsingin Sanomat made a big exception about writing about the march since it did not publish as a rule stories

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Oulu city councillor and transsexual attacked

Green Party Oulu city councillor, Janne Hakkarainen, was attacked and beaten over the weekend while accompanying  a transexual, reports Oulu-based daily Kaleva. Hakkarainen said that three men attacked them in a park after he  accompanied his friend home from a bar after 4:30am.     Fortunately a person spotted what was happening and forced the

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