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November 6, 1981: Address to the international seminar (on the plight of foreign students in Finland)

Enrique Tessieri Finally the consciousness of the Finnish government and the Finnish public via the press have come to the point where the status of foreigners has been recognized as a problem. The simple fact that this issue has found its way into the public consciousness shows that we’ve come a long way. We’ve made

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If you’re anti-gay you’re probably anti-immigration (or don’t understand what is at stake)

It is surprising that a country like Finland, which claims to be a Nordic democracy, we see so much opposition to gays not only from anti-immigration parties like the Perussuomalaiset (PS), but from other ones as well like the National Coalition Party.  PS MP Mika Niikko, a fierce opponent of gay rights, echoed on Helsingin

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Oulu city councillor and transsexual attacked

Green Party Oulu city councillor, Janne Hakkarainen, was attacked and beaten over the weekend while accompanying  a transexual, reports Oulu-based daily Kaleva. Hakkarainen said that three men attacked them in a park after he  accompanied his friend home from a bar after 4:30am.     Fortunately a person spotted what was happening and forced the

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