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A-Studio’s immigrant rape report: A prejudiced storm in a tea cup

An A-Studio report on the “high” amount of rape convictions of foreigners in Finland is not only another unfortunate example of arbitrary reporting by the Finnish media, but reinforces the perception of how hate groups in this country use crime statistics against immigrants.   Migrant Tales encountered another similar story about foreign rape cases in April

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Aamulehti rape story: Minister Räsänen speaks out in favor of tougher sentences

The Aamulehti story that was published Wednesday claiming incorrectly that 34% of all rapes are committed by foreigners, has Christian Democrat Interior Minister Päivi Räsänen demanding on Iltalehti tougher sentences. Nowhere in the Iltalehti story nor does Räsänen mention numbers. The tabloid only states that one third of all rapes are done by foreginers.

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