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The Finnish League for Human Rights: Is Finland in need of hate crimes prevention law?

Hate crimes affect members of minority groups all over the world. Some countries take it more seriously than others by passing and enacting hate crime prevention laws, and by investigating suspected cases and prosecuting perpetrators so as to deliver justice to victims. The number of suspected hate crimes registered by Finnish police have increased more

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لا استئناف لقرار الرفض لانك ستحصل على قرار سلبي في كل الاحوال

هذا ما قاله مسؤول في الشرطة لعائله ارادت الاستئناف . ما يمكن ان يكون تأثير تعليق كهذا من قبل احد رجال الشرطه على عائله من طالبي اللجوء بهدف عرقله اجراءات الاستئناف ؟ حكايات المهاجرين علمت ان عائله عراقيه مولفه من زوج وزوجه وطفل بالاضافه لوالده الزوج  قد توجهت لاستلام الرفض الاول فقال لهم الشرطي :

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Asylum seekers: Finland is not a country that abides by the rule of law

What does a comment by a police service official say about our country if he obstructs an asylum seekers’ right to justice? Migrant Tales understands that an Iraqi family, made up of a husband, wife, mother-in-law and a child, was told the following by a police official after receiving their first rejection for asylum from the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri).

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