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Are Donald Trump and his critics interested in #BlackLivesMatter, social equality, and change?

Thanks to the United States, Latin America has suffered human rights abuses, poverty, exploitation, and a long line of dictators. The latest coup we saw in that part of the world was in Bolivia when Jeanine Áñez usurped power and named herself president. I lived under a ruthless dictatorship in Argentina. Memories from those times

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Amnesty International cites (again) Finland’s human rights violations against refugee, migrant and transgender rights

Amnesty International criticized Finland in a 2014-15 country report on human rights violations for its treatment of asylum seekers, migrants, transgender people and conscientious objectors, according to YLE in English. It said that police inaction agains women and girls was another cause for concern.  Should we be surprised? Not really. Finland has had a poor

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