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Migrants’ Rights Network: Byron Hamburgers: When employers fail to do right by migrant employees

What else could Byron’s have done? The social media world was awash with attempted defences of the hamburger chain after it collaborated in the arrest of 35 of its migrant workers earlier in July. Our answer is they didn’t have to go along with the shabby act of entrapment of its staff, and they could have done so much more to push back against punitive, anti-worker rules.

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Migrants’ Rights Network: Migration statistics are difficult reading for Cameron but prove critics right

Awale Olad* The latest quarterly statistics from the independent Office of National Statistics found net migration soaring to 212,000 by the year ending September 2013. The Home Office’s response was that it was cracking down on the abuse of ‘freedom of movement’.  The figures show a statistically significant increase in Western European (EU15) citizens arriving

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