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#coronavirus: What kind of “soap” do we need to stop the spread of racism and fascism in the EU?

While the coronavirus has taught us to take precautions like washing our hands to avoid infection, what steps should we take to stop the spread of racism and fascism in Europe? The knee-jerk reaction of countries like Denmark to shut down their borders for a month to most tourists should not surprise us. As many

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Auschwitz: An overcast day of black-and-white history where it still rains yesterday

In the face of the rise of far-right ideologies and populism, it is scary how some forget how hatred turns some people into heartless beings. Did you know that before the rise of Hitler in 1933, Jews with German citizenship totaled half a million, or about 0.75% of the total population? Captain Gustave Mark Gilbert,

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QUOTE OF THE DAY (Gustave M. Gilbert): “Evil, I think, is the absence of empathy”

What characteristics unite anti-immigration politicians like the Perussuomalaiset* and Blue Reform of Finland? Captain Gustave Mark Gilbert, the Army psychologist at the Nuremberg trials (1945-46), said what the Nazi war criminals on trial had an incapacity to feel with their fellow men. That fellow men and women are today Muslims, among other groups. “Evil, I

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Himmler and Mannerheim in the fall of 1942, a cordial gaze, drinking schnapps

This picture below really bothers me at the wall of the Mikkelin Klubi. located 230km north of the capital Helsinki. Considering what Nazi Germany called the “Final Solution,” the genocide committed against the Jews, Roma and other enemies of the Nazi regime, you may rightly ask what this picture is doing on the wall. 

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Arson attack against mosque in Sweden is another red light flashing in the roaring silence

 A mosque in Sweden that was hit by arson on Christmas Day is the latest warning that we cannot stand idly to the ever-rising tide of Islamophobia and far-right violence griping Europe these days. Words are not regular bullets that kill instantly but are time bombs that can explode anywhere and anytime.  The attack against the

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The Jews of Finland

The Jewish side of our family was never discussed openly when I was young. If it was, the matter appeared as a fleeting question: Is it true that part of our family is Jewish? Read full column here on page 14. Silence always followed that question. In retrospect, our silence and answer revealed a lot about

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Julian Abagond: Was Hitler evil?

MT comment: Was Hitler and the Nazis an aberration or a product of European racism and colonialism?  Was the devastation that Hitler sowed the same beast that Europeans had imposed on others in Africa, the Americas,  Asia and Australia? By blaming Hitler and the Nazis for what they did, are we denying the problem of

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Estonia’s GasTerm Eesti uses Auschwitz photo to promote gas company

Believe it or not, the Estonian gas company, GasTerm Eesti, published on August 23 on their website a photograph of the Auschwitz concentration camp, with the infamous inscription Arbeit macht frei, or work makes you free. The caption of the published photo read: “Gas heating – flexible, convenient, and effective.” GasTerm Eesti has removed the offensive

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What happens when you dilute a term like racism?

Ignorance is a crucial factor that still holds Finland back from tackling effectively a social ill like racism. If it’s not seen as an issue, very little will be done to challenge it.  Add to the latter the fact that even some of our elected representatives in parliament don’t know the difference between racism and

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The Eronen-Hirvisaari scandal reveals their contempt for press freedom, immigrants and minorities

Helena Eronen , the Perussuomalaiset (PS) parliamentary aide who suggested in a satirically intended blog entry that foreigners and minorities should start wearing armbands, appeared on two talk shows Friday. One of the most disturbing matters that is reinforced in both interviews is Eronen’s Hirvisaari-spirited view of immigrants and contempt for press freedom.

Read on » North Carolina’s reparation for the dark past of American eugenics

North Carolina’s compensation to victims of forced sterilisation is a chance to illuminate a gruesome US tradition of racial ‘science.’

Twenty-seven American states joined a decades-long pseudo-scientific crusade to create a white, blond, blue-eyed, biologically superior “master race”. Their misguided utopian quest was called eugenics. But only one state, North Carolina, is now readying a massive plan of financial repatriations to its survivying victims. Just how much North Carolina should pay is now the subject of a historically wrenching debate.

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